UK Regional Service Committee

UK Region
Second Full Weekend of every ODD Month
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Holiday Inn
137 Kings Rd
United Kingdom

Additional Info 
OBSERVER - Attend in person, or to attend region as an observer via the live stream use

ATTENDEE - To attend as a representative of an ASC or UK subcommittee or to put yourself forward for service email [email protected] and they will send you the meeting details if you are attending online.

The UKNA Regional Service Committee is the National Committee for Narcotics Anonymous in England, Scotland & Wales, that meets on the 2nd FULL weekend of every odd month.

The RSC is a forum where Area Service Committees (ASCs) can interact with each other and with subcommittees of the RSC. This is done through the Regional Committee Members (RCMs), who represent the different Areas in the UK. RCMs can also interact with the European and worldwide fellowship of NA through the Regional Delegate and Alternate Delegate. The RSC’s purpose is to unite the UK Narcotics Anonymous (NA) fellowship. It aims to nurture the growth of services provided by NA, on a national and local level, to best serve NA members and the addict who still suffers.

The meeting normally starts at 10.00am and members of the body spend two days participating in discussions that support the UK fellowship in it's primary purpose.

For any information on the RSC meetings, to register as an ASC, or to get in touch with the admin committee, and the RSC subcommittees, please email [email protected]
Positions Available
PositionCleantime Requirement
Secretary3 yearsMore Info
Vice Treasurer4 yearsMore Info
Chair5 yearsMore Info
Vice Chair4 yearsMore Info
Resource3 yearsMore Info
Vice Resource2 yearsMore Info
Vice Secretary2 yearsMore Info
Treasurer5 yearsMore Info
Tech Support2 yearsMore Info
Regional Delegate6 yearsMore Info
Alternate Delegate4 yearsMore Info